Welcome to YOSOY Universe

Fashion is an important expression of creativity.
We design with you in mind: Our modern Goddess.
The beautiful, elegant, chic and trendy Woman who needs awesome transitional styles to fit her dynamic lifestyle.
Wearing comfortable and inspired clothing that merges with your personal style and identity makes you feel good and motivated.
That's how YOSOY UNIVERSE is born. Out of the idea of having unique styles to express yourself on your daily lifestyle, with beautiful Silky dresses and two piece sets collection as well as for your Fit and active lifestyle.
Our Activewear collection is perfect for your yoga practice, dance, workout training and any endorphin inducing activity.
We design Unique products like Athletic jumpsuits, Athletic dresses and leggings sets.
So comfortable it feels like your second skin!
Our Activewear fabrics are four way stretch, sweat wicking and low friction performance, so you can think about your workout, not your gear.
Dive into your inner Goddess and let her shine!